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Regional activity center for areas and species specially protected

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Introducing Dr. Lorna Inniss
The new Coordinator for CAR-RCU will assume duties on the 16th of November, 2015. More.
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Meetings and events in 2015
January Dates Topics Place 28 Conference and debate on marine mammals in the Caribbean Sandy Ground Cinema - 17 pm-19 pm, St-Martin February Dates Topics Place ... March Dates Topics Place ... (...)
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SPAW Newsletter N°17
You can download the SPAW newsletter N°17 of October 2015.
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A new project coordinator at SPAW-RAC
In June 2015, the SPAW RAC welcomed Frédérique Fardin, new project coordinator for a regional cooperation on the Sargassum's strandings issues. Frédérique has a strong background in Ecology with a (...)
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Accommodated by the  Parc national de la Guadeloupe  [Guadeloupe National Park] and funded by the French Government, the SPAW-RAC works under the aegis of the  Regional Coordination Unit for the United Nations Environment Programme in Kingston , to implement the  SPAW protocol  concerning the protection of marine and coastal biodiversity in the wider Caribbean region, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea.

Download the detailed list of countries that have ratified the SPAW Protocol.

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