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Workshop on MPA resilience to climate change - (St Martin 28-29 Nov. 2013)

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How Marine Protected Areas networks can improve marine ecosystem resilience in the Caribean Region?

This question was at the center of the discussions during a 2 days workshop organised by IUCN and the SPAW-RAC / UNEP in St Martin, which gathered several Marine protected area managers and relevant stakeholders of the EU overseas territories in the Caribbean.

Based on the exchanges of experiences and best practices, this workshop aimed at building MPA local and national capacities to increase the resilience of the coastal marine environments to climate change through the strengthening of regional cooperation, and at exploring the development of regional action plan to that purpose. Download the report:

PDF - 11.7 Mb

You will find below several presentations of MPAs managers, that supported the discussion amongst participants on their respective experiences, the lessons learnt and the gaps to be bridged.

- Introduction- overview of climate change and its expected impacts on marine and coastal biodiversity in the Caribbean

PDF - 9.6 Mb
IUCN Introduction - CC and MPAs Workshop
PDF - 10.3 Mb
Potential impacts of sea level rise on the 10 insular biodiversity hotspots
PDF - 6.3 Mb
Impacts and Costs of Sea Level Rise in the Caribbean and Role of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

- Experiences sharing between MPA managers for addressing the impacts of climate change in their MPAs

PDF - 3.4 Mb
Presentation of the French National Climate Change Observatories Network IFRECOR
PDF - 2.6 Mb
Reserve de Petite Terre - Guadeloupe
PDF - 2.4 Mb
Caribean Netherlands Science Institute
PDF - 2.1 Mb
Vulnerability and Resilience in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
PDF - 2.7 Mb
Turks and Caicos Islands - MPA resilience to climate change
PDF - 4.9 Mb
Anguilla MPA resilience and climate change
PDF - 2.1 Mb
MPA resilience to climate change - Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin
PDF - 1.6 Mb
MPAs, Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Building a Resilient Network of Partnerships
PDF - 628.6 kb
Climate Change Adaptation Policy - Virgin Islands
PDF - 774.3 kb
MPAs and Climate Change - Dutch Antilles
PDF - 3.8 Mb
Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance