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Synthetic maps

Three synthetic maps are proposed here, that all combine species richness with a number of major threats and impacts :

- species richness and cumulative human impact. Please note that, for the sake of visibility, it was decided to represent here areas that contain high species richness, and a high level of cumulative human impact. A simple overlaying of the initial map couldn’t lead to a proper output, easy to read and interpret. The map is thus built by extracting the highest value of both maps, and then by overlaying the resulting layers. This map can be used as background information to inform discussions on critical areas where marine mammals populations are important, but face a number of pressures ;

- species richnes and marine traffic. Here the underlying idea is to complement the first map above with a vision of critical routes, or corridors, where marine mammals are important but where there is also intense shipping ;

- species richness and MPAs. This map helps identify the existing coverage on the areas with high species richness by spatial protection tools, and the remaining gaps.